You’re Getting Married!

icon-coupleDear Son,

Oh my! I can’t believe my baby is getting married!  You have grown into such a fine young man and your Dad and I are so proud of you.  From the time I first felt you kick in my belly, I have prayed for this day; your choice in a wife, your maturity, and your commitment.  You and God have both surprised me in answering all my prayers better than I thought possible!

You have chosen well.  Your precious fiancé, soon to be wife, is a prize!  I only dreamt that I would love my daughter-in-law as much as I love her already.  And I’ve noticed with her by your side you are a better man because she brings out the best in you.  Or, I should say, your love for her brings out the best in you.  I have seen you mature tremendously since you have been together.  You put your natural feelings aside and put a smile on (and even joke) when you were a bit irritated.  Son, you are a good man.  As your mom, I know you well.  And I know when you are stretching yourself and I have to say, you have impressed me again and again with how you are with your love. Likewise she impresses me in how wonderful she is to you!  As a mom you want your children to marry someone who will adore them.  And adore you she does!!! She is the greatest type of wife – one who will cheer you on to anything you want as long as you love her.  She’s very simple.  She is so in love with you that it should be quite simple to keep her happy. Maybe not easy, but simple.  Because you have chosen well.  Love her.  Love her lots! She is your greatest asset –  a wife beside you that supports whatever you want, loves you completely, and encourages you in your dreams! WOW! The key to your marriage is to keep her sweet and in love.  The challenge will be when life hits you and you feel the pressure of the responsibility you have taken on – between your job and your wife and when you have kiddos. But you can do this! I know you can because I have seen your determination and imminent success when you put your mind to something.

Do you remember last week when we went to lunch?  When I left our time together, I left inspired and a bit exhausted by your daily routine; listening to how you had something going every night after work, working out on your lunch break, meeting coworkers for breakfast, and the effort you put forth in your job; but definitely inspired!  You told me about how you were stretching yourself and filling your schedule intentionally to build relationships with others – and I was challenged. As you step into this new chapter, I pray you find the balance.  And know – everyone’s “balance” is different. You and your love will find your balance.  It will take a little compromise, but living with another person always does.

The most wonderful thing about your entering into this new chapter called marriage is that you are not going it alone.  You know the Lord, and He is always with you.  In the book of James there is a promise that I have leaned on more than any other promise in the bible.  This one promise has proven to me who God is, that He is personal and true, again and again throughout my parenting.  It’s found in James 1:5:

            If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives
generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

That promise – that God give wisdom generously – is one that I have found that God keeps 100% of the time.  Whenever I didn’t know how to handle a situation I would stop and pray.  And wait.  And God always stepped in, giving me a direction, a thought, an idea that applied to what was happening.  God’s wisdom is a valuable and it helps us to see things as God sees a situation, knowing the best way to handle it.  Lean hard.  The Lord loves you and He awaits the opportunity to help you. How cool is that ?!

Well, my son… I am a proud momma!! You have impressed me in many areas.  As you take on this wonderful new beginning please know that you and your precious wife will continue to be in your father’s and my prayers.  We are your biggest fans.  And at this stage in our lives, we are simply cheerleaders.  Please let us know how we can best support you.

I am soooo excited for your big day!  And even more excited to watch you walk out this exciting time in your life! Go Baby Go!!!

With all my love,





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